Who we are and what we do

FIREFLY ENTERTAINMENT is a fascinating young company that provides entertainment in two ways – through our aerial light shows that we perform at indoor and outdoor venues and through the sale of the GFK remote control kites we use in our performances. Whether you are watching one of our breathtaking performances as a spectator or are participating in the hobby by flying your own kite, you’ll be experiencing something never before seen in North America – the experience is enchanting, captivating, mesmerizing.

Remote Control Kites

The kites we use in our shows are the same kites we sell to the public. All kites come from our Agent in Singapore – GoFlyKite (GFK). Kite ‘packages’ include all of the items you’ll need to get started. The kites use electric motors and a radio control – no kite strings are required. This frees the kites to be flown with limitless aerobatic manoeuvres, in calm or windy conditions, indoors or outdoors. What’s unique about a GFK kite is that they are actually designed to be flown at night or in dark environments because of their high intensity LED lights.

Our Singapore Agent

FIREFLY ENTERTAINMENT was founded on the inspiration of GoFlyKite – a remarkable Singapore company that is ISO 9001 certified and is the developer of the remote control kites. FIREFLY ENTERTAINMENT has worked with GoFlyKite (GFK) to introduce this fascinating new entertainment experience to North America by becoming an authorized GoFlyKite distributor.  GoFlyKite first began developing these remote control kites more than a decade ago and over the last few years have worked at commercializing them. Their brand is now growing throughout Asia and we are fortunate to be associated with such a great organization.

Company Philosophy

At FIREFLY ENTERTAINMENT, our philosophy is captured in one word – entertainment. Rarely do you find an entertainment experience designed to appeal to every demographic – young and old, male and female, and all nationalities from every corner of the globe. Who doesn’t enjoy the spectacular display of a fireworks show? Who isn’t captivated by the choreographed display of bright lights and music. FIREFLY ENTERTAINMENT combines the elements of light, flying, and music and we synchronize it all in a brilliant display designed to captivate audiences. And, we make the flying experience available to anyone willing to learn.