GFK Kites

A New Generation of Entertainment

FIREFLY ENTERTAINMENT isn’t just about shows. We also sell GFK kites – the same ones we use in our shows (See PRICING page). You can amaze your family, friends, and neighbours by learning to fly right in your neighbourhood. And if you’re looking for something that the whole family can enjoy together, then you’ll be pleased to know that GFK kites are suitable for kids, adults, and seniors including guys and girls. Everyone will enjoy flying a GFK kite because of the amazing light show they produce.

“Flying a GFK kite is like taking a video game or TV show ‘out of the PC and into the real world’. It adds a completely new dimension to the experience.”

Whether you enjoy radio controlled planes, video gaming, or even just relaxing with a new hobby or sport, you’re about to experience a new generation of entertainment. Flying a GFK kite is like taking a video game or TV show ‘out of the PC and into the real world’. It adds a completely new dimension to the experience. Get a few kites together with your friends and you’ll be amazing the neighbourhood and have everyone talking.

We carry several models of GFK kites from beginner models to more advanced models that are larger and increasingly spectacular to watch. The kites we sell to the public are the same ones that are used in shows around the world – smaller ones for indoor shows and larger kites for large outdoor events. Each kite model has slightly different flying characteristics however skills are completely transferable between kite models.

How to purchase

You can purchase a radio controlled kite in several ways – either as a turnkey Ready-To-Fly (RTF) set complete with everything you need to begin flying or, if you already own a radio control, you can purchase Plug-’n-Play (PNP) models allowing you to use your own  radio. The RTF set includes the kite, radio, and other components you’ll need to get started. The PNP set includes the kite and other components but does not include the radio or receiver. You can also purchase parts, kits, and various accessories as your new hobby begins to take off.

Kite purchases are made by emailing your request to We sometimes also sell at the events we perform or display at. Aside from performances, we also practice flying at various locations around town. Check out our Events Calendar for more information.

Flight Simulator – Learning to Fly

To shorten your learning curve, we provide some help. As part of the RTF set, you receive a simulator kit. Install the software, plug the radio control into a USB port on your PC and you are ready to begin practicing. This is hands-down the most effective way to learn to fly a GFK kite. If you’ve never used a flight simulator before, two things will surprise you – how difficult it will seem at first, and how quickly you’ll learn. In no time you’ll  be ready for your first flight.

First Flight

Ok, you’ve practiced on the simulator; you can take off and land smoothly; you can turn corners in both directions; you can fly without mishap; and you have trained your reflexes to react quickly. Now it’s time to take it outside.

When you fly for the first time, you’ll experience a ‘nervous’ adrenaline. But quickly, your nervous energy transforms into pure excitement as you begin to learn basic flying manoeuvres and then as you quickly advance your skills. Soon, you’ll be performing aerial manoeuvres that are simply amazing – hovering the kite, doing acrobatics at high and low speeds like turns, loops and spins, and then rocketing it skywards until it’s no bigger than a spec against the dark sky (GFK kites have a range of approximately 1 km). And the best part is that you fly at night when the winds are calm – with the dark sky as your ‘canvas’. With the high intensity LED lights, the effect is completely unique and absolutely captivating.

Repairing Your Kite

GFK kites are pretty resilient – one of our kites crashed head-first into the pavement and was run over by an SUV, BOTH TIRES! It resembled a wet dishrag when we peeled it off the pavement. That same kite still flies today. It took some fixing but required only simple parts and a bit of patience. Bottom line is, you’re going to crash – it’s inevitable. But GFK kites have been designed to repair easily. With our online ordering, you can order the parts you need and you’ll be back up in no time.

Repair videos are included on the Simulator CD. The Simulator Kit is included with your RTF set or you can purchase a Simulator Kit separately from our on-line store. For parts and accessories, please email