STOCK BLOWOUT – making room for new kites

The best prices you will ever see on the Ice Baby -  the most acrobatic freestyle kite of all. We have Ice Babies marked down to rock bottom prices. Discounts of 70% off the retail price. Price indicated below includes the discount and is for a limited time – WHILE STOCK LASTS. To order, send your request to

Ready To Fly (RTF)
Ice Baby
$199.95 USD
400mm x 580mm

RTF Set includes: Kite with lights; Brushless motor; Speed controller; Servos; Kite bag; Receiver; Battery; Battery charger; Radio control; Simulator kit; 2 extra props; 2 extra front protection bars. The RTF set has everything you need to get started and is designed for those new to this family-fun sport.


Online Purchase

Your email request to starts you off on this exciting hobby. Note that orders purchased online carry additional shipping and handling charges. You can pay with either a credit card, debit card, or through your PayPal account. Once your order has been submitted, you will immediately receive a receipt of your purchase and your order will be processed and shipped to you promptly.

To submit inquiries, or to order parts, submit an email to Include your name, city and Zip/Postal Code.


Kite Starter Kit

To help you take off with your new hobby, we have bundled together the most common spare parts and accessories into an optional kite Starter Kit. The kit includes an additional battery, extra props, front protection bars, glue, motor mounts and tie wraps. The kit is optional but it sure can come in handy. Buy it anytime by emailing your request to